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A Grade Above Tutoring Steven Yang Portrait

Steven Yang

Professional Tutor

Hello! I’m Steven, a passionate and dedicated tutor with 8 years of experience in tutoring high school mathematics, physics and chemistry.

Having had the privilege of working with students of diverse abilities, I’ve come to understand the importance of creating an engaging and student-centered environment. That’s the reason why I encourage my students to not only ask many questions, but also strive to understand the fundamentals behind the questions they ask. Together, we can bridge the gap between inquisitive minds and educational success.

Grade 8-10 MathGrade 11-12 MathAP MathIB MathElementary AlgebraTrigonometryFinancial MathStatisticsProbabilityCombinatoricsPrecalculusSingle-Variable Calculus

A Grade Above Tutoring Josh Gomes Portrait

Josh Gomes

Director & Professional Tutor

Suppose it takes hours to explain the rules of a game—would you still want to play? Or would you rather experience the game firsthand and see the rules in action? 

A common obstacle in learning mathematics is the strict emphasis on rules, symbols, and structure. While these are important in the right context, I have always believed that math should be learned intuitively. Through our shared efforts, we will strengthen your mathematics intuition so that you can approach the subject with confidence and perhaps even develop an appreciation for the underlying principles.

Grade 8-10 MathGrade 11-12 MathAP MathIB MathElementary AlgebraPrecalculusFormal LogicDiscrete MathLinear AlgebraSingle-Variable CalculusMulti-Variable Calculus Abstract AlgebraReal AnalysisGeometry

A Grade Above Tutoring Peter Stevens Portrait

Peter Stevens

Professional Tutor

Since my teenage years, two elements have consistently guided my life and my work: mathematics and education. This initially inspired me to try my hand at tutoring, which I’ve continued to do for most of my adult life. This naturally led me into teaching and problem-solving, and after finishing a degree in philosophy I went straight back into university for a math degree. Helping people achieve their dreams and overcome the obstacles separating them from manifesting their destiny is my life goal.

Grade 8-10 MathGrade 11-12 MathAP MathIB MathElementary AlgebraPrecalculusFormal LogicDiscrete MathSingle-Variable CalculusMulti-Variable Calculus Linear AlgebraElementary Number TheoryAbstract AlgebraReal Analysis